Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Charli Adele: 3.5 Year Update:

Happy Half Birthday to our sweet little princess (yesterday)!!

Something we have been doing for both kids since they were 6 months old has been celebrating their half birthday's (because why not?) and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon! Especially after the look on Charli's face yesterday morning when I jumped into bed with her and said Happy Half Birthday!! We giggled, we sang, and all day she said "I'm a WHOLE HALF today, woohoo" hahaha! One thing our sweet girl wanted was a birthday crown so Momma went to work and crafted up this crown by using some of my card stock paper and some gold metallic spray paint I had on hand. Those two minutes of crafting made one little girls day!!

 My plan from here on out is to celebrate Charli and Crew's half's together since they are only 3 weeks apart but since Crew still really doesn't know we celebrated yesterday and boy was it fun!

I still can't believe we are this close to having a FOUR year old... Where in the world have the past 3.5 years gone? I know I say it all the time but I wish time would just slow down a bit. One of my all time favorite quotes (and I say it out loud all the time) 
"The days are long, but the years are short".
It couldn't be more true. Even the hardest of days I try to soak in every little thing I can because I know I won't get these days or time back with our babies. 

Charli's intelligence is amazing and she is still just as sweet and spunky as ever. Some of her favorite things to do right now are to Sing & Dance, Play House, Cook in her Kitchen, Read, or sit at the table and play with little figurines (Minnie Mouse, Sheriff Callie, Frozen, etc.) and make up her own story lines. It is my favorite thing she does, I love watching her imagination at work! 

Charli's Stats:
*Height: Just over 42 inches (one inch for each month old she is! Since she is literally 42 months haha)
*Weight: 44 lbs
*Clothes: 4T and 5T
*Sleep: Bedtime is still 7PM and she wakes around 7AM. She still goes down around 1PM for "rest/relaxing time". Somedays she ends up falling asleep for an hour, somedays she just lays in her bed or in her teepee until it is time to get out. I feel so incredibly grateful that she is still so good during this time and stays quiet and listens because Crew still takes about a 3 hour nap. 
*Food: Charli has become a lot pickier of an eater within the last year. She "needs" ranch to eat her chicken (whatever, it works and I literally give her the smallest dab... pick and choose your battles right.) It seems like every night we are asking her to eat her dinner. I still don't cater to her, she gets what I make (and clearly I know she is not starving). Some of her favorites though are: Breakfast: "Nana's favorite fings" (belvita's); Lunch: Apples with peanut butter on them; Snacks: First let me start by saying that girlfriend would snack, ALL.DAY.LONG. if I let her... But some faves are cheese sticks, apples, grapes, applesauces, oranges, goldfish, rice cakes, pirate booty, crackers; Dinner: Chicken & French fries if I let her, Pasta is her absolute favorite, Taco Tuesday, and breakfast for dinner (eggs, bacon, etc).
*Social: Charli is as social as they come! She loves school and all of her friends and they all love her. Her absolute favorite thing to do is to perform. She will sit everyone down and sing and dance for as long as you let her. It is hilarious and adorable. Don't dare talk though during a performance... You will get scolded. Charli truly just loves life and the joy and happiness she has radiates! The love she has for her baby brother is also amazing. They love rough housing and wrestling (though mommy has tried making it a new house rule... No Rough Housing... Too many bruises). 

I still can't believe we have a 3 1/2 year old 
(and yes, I know you were wondering, her 4th Birthday is already planned!) ;) 
Happy Half Birthday Charli Adele!
We love you!


  1. LOVE THIS! Her hair is so long & beautiful, and you know I am all about celebrating the half-bdays. Waverly is the same way, would snack all day and not ever eat a meal. Chicken & fries is her absolute fave! :)

    Happy half-birthday sweet girl!

  2. She's so pretty! I love the perfect little crown you made for her too!