Friday, July 7, 2017

Life Lately: Through My Lens: Summer Snapshots:

I can't believe we are sitting at almost one month away from the end of Summer. How did that even happen? Well before we get into all things school related & pumpkins {because you know good and well those will be just around the corner} there is still plenty of Summer fun to be had. We will be making sure to drain the life out of Summer before these sweet days are gone!

We kicked off this season with our family being featured in our neighborhood magazine! It was such a sweet honor and something we will definitely remember for years to come!

Our Summer has been all sorts of fun with every bit of relaxation, just how we like it over here. We have enjoyed a ton of family time and doing all the Summer things we love; going to the pool, the beach, the park, golfing, spending time with friends, eating all the popsicles & ice cream, BBQing, having friends visit, vacationing, and we can't forget about Tennis Camp.  

So before these images pass me by and they fade into sweet Summer memories, here is a glimpse of life lately, through my trusty ol lens... Summer Snapshot Style... Enjoy! 

Every Summer should be fun, yet lazy, busy, yet slow, and all the bits of carefree... Like eating popsicles in your skivvies. 
I think we are conquering just that my friends! 

Cheers to every bit of Summer we have left!  

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  1. Hello bubbles, goodbye troubles! I love it!!
    How fun you were featured in your local magazine!