Thursday, July 27, 2017

Charli Adele turns Five:

On Wednesday July 19TH our first born turned the big FIVE. What a milestone, right! Thinking about this Birthday and age and all of that this next chapter for her will bring {starting Kindergarten, losing teeth, making new friends, etc} makes me feel all the emotions. Our little girl is truly growing up. So when her big day arrived, though daddy was gone, I made it as special as I could {which is something I always have and will always do}. Steven not being here broke our hearts but getting a wakeup call first thing in the morning from him and hearing him sing to Charli was the highlight of her day {cue the melting heart}

Charli requested blueberry muffins and breakfast in bed for her birthday morning, and that is exactly what she got! I have a feeling this is going to now be a regular request... haha. Crew helped mommy carry her breakfast in to her and we sang Happy Birthday all morning long! 

We had friends come over a little later to spend the day with her and we headed up to the pool for a fun afternoon. That evening we surprised her with Nana & Papa coming over and taking her up to the Country Club for dinner where a ton of friends were to surprise her! She was so excited when we walked in and she saw everyone. Mommy also surprised her with a little bottle of Sparkling Juice that was served to her in a little champagne glass {insert best thing ever for her!}.

It was the best evening with all of her little friends and she said she had the best day! 

We were able to also celebrate Charli a few weeks prior when Daddy was still home with us. It was our special family night before he left. There were presents and cake and all the love you could imagine that filled our home! 

We surprised Charli with a brand new beach cruiser for her birthday and she was on cloud nine when daddy walked around the corner dinging the bell! 

We love you Charli and hope your birthday was as special as could be! 
We can't wait to celebrate her and our other Summer babe at their Joint Birthday Party


Now it's time for Mommy's Birthday Weekend!!! 

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