Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tampa: A Total Train Wreck:

After our wonderful weekend with Great Daddy we thought it would be fun to take the kids on a quick family adventure to Tampa. We were all so excited as this was finally our first time we could truly venture out since my surgery {I will fill you all in at a later date} and I was finally feeling up for it! So we I packed our bags and we were off to Aunt Nancy & Uncle Joe's {family friends who live in Tampa}. Charli kept asking where her 4 brother friends were and that she really needed to see them... good thing we will be back soon Kate ;). 

So our plan for this trip was to arrive early Tuesday afternoon and head straight to Busch Gardens and spend a few hours/the afternoon there before heading to Nancy & Joe's where we would spend the rest of the day sipping on cocktails poolside, enjoying company and a crab boil... You know, the simple life. Wednesday we were going to check out some sights around Tampa and then hit up Legoland before heading back home. Sounds like a fun and quick little getaway right... 
Well this is what actually went down...

We arrived to Busch Gardens early Tuesday afternoon as planned, with our tour guide in tow

Ready to see all the sights, all the animals, go on the choo choo, the rides, you know do ALL. THE. THINGS. Then 5 minutes into the park Steven started to not feel well {and it is not very often that man gets sick}. We found some water and some sprite to help settle his stomach and not a minute later he was in the restroom. For the next hour he went from restroom to restroom, the Florida heat was not helping. I walked the kids around to a few sights close by to where he was so we weren't far away so they could at least enjoy themselves because I knew this day would be short lived. 


 I felt so bad for my husband and knew it was just time to go. We let Nancy & Joe know so we didn't infect them with whatever Steven had caught but of course they had us come straight over anyway since they had all the essentials and could help me with the kids {love you both so much}. 

The next couple of hours were spent with Steven quarantined in their upstairs guest suite while we visited downstairs, the kids swam, and I was up and down the stairs tending to my husband. Then all of a sudden Crew started in and did. not. stop... I was cleaning, disinfecting, apologizing, and needing to sip on my cocktail & just take a moment. After watching my boys suffering and not a single sip of gatorade being held down I knew we needed to go to the Emergency Room, so off to the hospital we went with towels, bags, and lysol wipes.

It was the worst experience ever in an ER. My boys sat in the waiting room both in pain, puking into bags and still having to wait, AN HOUR... Then finally they took Crew and I back {still puking} gave him some Zofran and watched him for the next couple of hours to make sure it worked and he could hold down gatorade and then he was discharged {just a case of a really horrible stomach bug}. When we walked out I saw Steven STILL sitting in the waiting room, in pain, not seen, nothing. We knew all he needed was an IV and Zofran to help him and they couldn't even do that. I walked up to the desk and asked how much longer and they said it would probably be another 2 hours, TWO before he was seen... I'm sorry what? Needless to say we didn't stay. We got our Zofran prescription and headed out. Thankfully it worked for my boys, I put them upstairs quarantined together when we got back to the house and was ready to call it a night. I was exhausted. 

Then, as fate would have it, momma got it. Pretty sure we will never be invited back to Aunt Nancy & Uncle Joe's house haha! ;) I was up through out the night so incredibly sick that once the morning came Steven knew we just needed to get home. He and Joe packed everything up in the car including me and we headed home. WORST. CAR. RIDE. EVER. And of course what only lasted 24 hours for Steven & Crew lasted 6 days for me. This is just something else I have to deal with due to my weak immune system. It has seriously been one of the worst weeks ever but I am finally {finally} feeling SO much better and so much stronger!! I am praying the sickies have left the building! 

And we still got our crab boil on for my dad's birthday this past weekend {even though I couldn't enjoy it, I was so happy everyone else could!}

{charli picked out papa's cake all by herself and she was very excited to give it to him!}


So Tampa might have been a total Train Wreck, but we will be back soon and we are going to totally rock that next vacay!

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  1. Man, what a bummer! But on the bright side, Charli didn't get sick! I know, very small bright side but hopefully you guys can do a complete re-do of the trip soon.