Friday, September 18, 2015

Official Stander Status:

Happy Friday Friends! 

I am happy to report that finally, at 13 months old, we have an official stander!

Let me back track a minute and first state that Crew has been pulling up to standing along with walking along the furniture or walking while pushing something for a couple of months now. But this week was something new... On Monday he decided he was going to go from sitting to standing all on his own! He didn't do it again until Thursday and has done it about a dozen times today and you can tell just how excited he is about it too!!

Charli started walking at 11 months but never went from a sitting to standing position until around 15 months and here Crew can go from sitting to standing before he can even walk. Just one of the many things that continues to make my two uniquely different from each other and I wouldn't have it any other way! 
I have a feeling with this new little trick, he may just start taking some steps! 
Only time will tell! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We sure will as we have a very special someone coming back home for a couple of days!! 

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  1. How cute! I have a feeling Crew will be trying to take some steps in the near future too. Get those running shoes ready :)